Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Current Availability and Scheduling

Once again the seasons are turning and of course the days are LONGER. It means I will be going out and enjoying the sunshine by laying out at the beach or riding my bike around the park.  My time is something I am very defensive about and adamantly protect.  Thus I need to review my scheduling policies, current SUMMER schedule, and black out dates I will NOT be available.

I am not available for SAME DAY sessions EVER! I am entitled to a life and in order to maintain CONTROL and DISCIPLINE on my schedule--I NEED at LEAST a DAY of NOTICE for any session

Summer Schedule: 
Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday: 7am-Midnight
Tuesday Thursday: 7am-3pm
Sunday: extremely selective by appointment ONLY, when schedule allows

Black Out Dates:
I will be travelling to Boston from May 20th-22nd.
I will be going out of the country from May 25th-June 8th.

I will NOT be conducting sessions while I am travelling.

I hope you all have a great summer and should come see me for a session before I am gone for two weeks!

Mistress Caprice

Monday, March 07, 2016

No Mercy to Flakes

If you want to see me for an appointment, I will need at least a day's notice unless I have seen you in the past.  Only regular clients who have proven to me to keep their appointment on time are allowed to see me the same day they call if I have time to see them--it is not guaranteed.  I will not do outcall to strangers or give strangers same day appointments.  

I also will not allow anyone who has ever flaked on a session to see me without paying for the sessions they have flaked on.  I keep a list, and I add up all the times you flaked as the hours that you cost me.  Meaning if you flaked on me twice, you have to tribute me for the missed sessions before you are allowed to book an appointment.

I hope I have made myself clear.

Mistress Caprice Fellini

Monday, February 29, 2016

FYI: Travel Dates

I will be doing a lot more travelling this year, which does not inherently mean that I will be available to do sessions at the places that I am going or travelling for BDSM--but more like travelling because I have found a sport I like and there are lots of tournaments to go to.

Below are my current BLACKOUT dates:

March 25-27th

May 25th-June 8th

more to come

Mistress Caprice Fellini

Monday, February 01, 2016

Winter Update! Vacation Dates!


  I am going on vacation this February 17th-24th to Puerto Rico, as I am tired of winter and decided this year I was NOT going to stay here the entire season.  Schedule your sessions accordingly!  If you want to schedule an appointment--shoot me an email ! I AM ON VACATION! I will reply when I check my email, but for the most part--I am unavailable.

When I return I will be updating my wishlist, availability for the Spring season!

Goddess Caprice Fellini

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like Christmas (not!)

I am have recently been asked by several people about the frequency of my blog posts...I know I used to be more chatty and friendly on here--I still like binge-
watching shows, but I just don't have time to SIT and write a long ass dissertation on a TV show anymore...I have taken up more hands on activities in my life that I am occupied with.  I am still available for sessions Mon-Saturday 7am until Midnight, and I still prefer at least a day's notice--but lately I've been getting very demanding calls and very little compensation...

I have also been changing my "look" so to speak, I cut my hair and dyed it a fire engine red...I think it is rather appropriate for my name-sake, don't you think?  In any case, I haven't had a proper photography session done in while and am seeking someone who has the proper equipment and space to do a nice photo session, maybe you need to fill out your portfolio or need a model for practice--please email me a link of your work to see if it is up to my standards...

This is my latest look (Dec 2015)

Seriously kids--you can't expect something that requires the expertise and educational level of a surgeon and expect a 100 whore to do it...good luck with that urethral insertion!  All I am saying is you get what you pay want and need x, y, z but don't bother to ask me what I demand; I doubt I will give them an appointment.  What you all have to remember is that there is only one of me, and a million of you--vying and begging for my attention.

Goddess Caprice

Monday, September 28, 2015

Harvest Moon Update

It's official!

Summer is over, and my schedule, of course is changing.

Fall Schedule: 
Monday-Saturday: 7am-Midnight
Sunday: By Appointment only. 

As always I ask that you call with proper notice, I have a life and am getting involved with different activities such that one day I can take a session the same day and another I might not.  I have been taking same day sessions from respectful, serious subs/slaves that understand the protocol.

When asking for a session include the following:
--Who are you? Introduce yourself, so I know your name...
--What kind of session you are looking for? I want to know your interests, fetishes, fantasies, etc.
--What kind of session don't you want? NO MEANS NO--I also need to know your LIMITS, and have you respect mine.
--When can you come see me? I need to know if you are interested in coming today, or NEXT month.

I hope to see more of you using this protocol as I notice that these kind of clients are intelligent, and know how to follow directions.  They took the time and researched how I wanted things done and did them.

PRO-TIP: If you do as I tell you, it is EASIER to see me...

Mistress Caprice

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I have decided, for personal reasons, not to go on the Oakland trip any longer--I will return to NYC on the 25th for my regularly scheduled sessions.

My schedule is as is:
Monday-Thursday: 7am-5pm
Friday-Sunday: ALL DAY (Sunday after NOON by APPOINTMENT ONLY!)

I have been accepting same day appointments within reason--I need at least 2 hours of notice as I have a life, doing other sessions, etc.  I DO NOT SIT around waiting for you to call, so if you would like to come serve me it must be on MY TERMS and with PROPER NOTICE.

Mistress Caprice